Officine Cavour
Piazza Camillo Benso di Cavour 16 Padova


It is the result of the renovation of one of the historic buildings in Piazza Cavour, which once belonged to the Counts who handled the commercial traffic in the vital center of the city. Each apartment has been designed to give you maximum hospitality and comfort without thinking about anything. From the kitchen equipped with every utensil, to the set of sheets and towels, to the welcome aperitif, important aspects aimed at you as if they were designed for your home. To embellish the rooms you will find resin floors, floor-level showers, furniture with a refined design, fabrics in soft colors, exposed brick walls and ceilings with wooden beams that make the rooms of the Officine Cavour unique. We want to offer you the heart of the historic centre, without using cars, and for this reason the Officine Cavour are located on the main street of the Paduan promenade surrounded by shops and restaurants and by the culture of a city that boasts of being among the oldest and most historic in Italy . Just look up to admire and taste the delicacies of one of the most famous internationally renowned cafés: the Pedrocchi café.

Officine Cavour
Appartamenti la Quercia Via Jacopo della Quercia 105

Officine Cavour also boasts solutions outside the historic center, in the complex called Appartamenti la Quercia. Housing solutions immersed in the greenery of a residential area north of Padua, not far from the main attractions of the city. They are solutions that offer accommodation with an unmistakable style and refined design, guaranteeing comfort and services aimed at those wishing to stay for several days, ideal for larger families who wish to travel by car and have a reference point close to the city. La Quercia apartments are located in Via Jacopo della Quercia, close to the main communication routes. The complex is also served by public transport. It is possible to enjoy solutions with a terrace planted on the upper floor of the complex with a view of the neighborhood.

Officine Cavour are synonymous with guarantee and elegance, style and refinement, comfort and privacy for your exclusive stay both in the heart of the historic center and on the outskirts of the splendid city of Padua.